Mehru Lip Stains

If you're tired of having to reapply your lipstick every time you eat, drink or let your lips touch something or someone then use our Mehru lip stain. Mehru Herbal lip stain is a rainbow assortment of colors and it's made using only herbal ingredients, which are not only safe on your lips but provide long lasting stains that last for up to twelve hours. This lip stain can be used to dye eye brows and can be used as eye shadow or as body paint. Its uses are only limited by your creativity and imagination. 

Ideal for All Occasions

Mehru lip stain is just the product for you if you like to be out and about without having to worry about your lipstick smearing or fading out.  This herbal lip tint can be used on summer days at the beach or at night when going out and having fun with the girls.

Long Lasting

Mehru lip stain is ideal for all occasions as it is long lasting. Though the gloss will fade after sometime, the color will remain.

Contains Herbal Ingredients

Mehru lip stain is prepared using natural herbs  and ingredients. The natural quality of these lip stains can keep your lips fresh and appealing for hours.

Multiple Uses

Mehru lip stain can also be used to stain cheeks, eye brows and it can be used as an eye shadow. So leave your make up box at home and get yourself some Mehru lip stains.

Why use Mehru Lip stain

  •  Natural long lasting lip stain
  • Can be used as eye shadow or eye brow stain
  • Stain lasts 6-12 hours
  • Kiss proof - will not rub off on cups or clothing
  • Perfect all-day lip stain
  • Mix with other colors to create your own shade

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