Facial Tattoos: Would You Dare?

There are tattoos… and then there are facial tattoos. No tattoo turns heads quite like a face tattoo does, perhaps due to the remnants of the outdated idea that tattoos are taboo. Besides that, most would probably agree that a facial tattoo is one hell of a commitment.

Still, when done well, facial tattoos can look just as awesome as they might on other parts of the body. The question is: would you take the risk? Looking around your average block, the statistics are evident… the majority of the people apparently would not.

Will facial tattoos ever be ‘the norm’?

There was a time when hand tattoos were a no-no, but that time is fading fast; hand tattoos are something of a modern trend, in some places. Likewise, more people than ever are walking around with permanent ink on their faces, and for them it’s a done deal.

There’s no covering up, no going back… and potentially a lifetime of answering the same questions from different people! Such tattoos tend to be worn by those already well acquainted with permanent ink; tattoo artists and collectors, mainly.

So will there ever be a time when facial ink is the norm? That remains to be seen, but we wouldn’t mind betting that the idea of temporary facial tattoos is a whole lot more appealing.

Temporary facial tattoos are something else entirely

It may still take guts to commit to a temporary tattoo on such a visible area. Again, that’s probably down to the hangover from past attitudes, which tend to die slowly in many cultures. Having said that, henna has been painted all over women’s bodies for centuries – and sometimes on faces. Also, some tribes did permanent tattoos on their women’s faces. So it’s really not that unusual, but the reception may depend on your culture.

The first question that’s probably sprung to your mind is whether or not a temporary facial tattoo will turn out well. If you are handy with a make up or paintbrush (or you know someone who is), it’s not a huge leap to assume you’ll be competent enough. You can always practice on other places on the body until you feel more confident.

Worst case scenario… let’s imagine the results leave a lot to be desired. It’s less awkward than walking around with a black eye, at least! A couple of weeks later and you’ll be laughing it off.

When is it a good idea to get a temporary facial tattoo?

If you’re the kind of person that likes to be a little different, then this is for you. You’ll undoubtedly stand out from the crowd… all eyes will be on you. They say that fortune favors the brave, and who knows, you might even make a few new friends out of it. It’s a conversation starter if nothing else!

Let’s assume your tattoo is going to be a masterpiece. It will make for some stunning photographs… you’ll be a social media star today, and maybe even an enigma in the eyes of your future grandchildren!

If you’ve got festivals, parties or events to attend, these are perfect occasions to show off a beautiful design on your face. If you don’t have anything in the diary, what’s to stop you from creating something? If your beautiful facial art makes you the envy of your friends, the next party you can throw is a temporary tattoo party.

When it’s not such a great idea

On the other hand, if you’ve got any important engagements coming up, you might want to consider the appropriateness of a facial tattoo. Booked in at a spa for a facial? Meeting the new mother-in-law? Job interview in a corporation in ten days time? Facial tattoos are probably best avoided then.

If you can’t so much as draw a stick man, don’t start practicing on your face. It’s probably common sense, but if there are likely to be any repercussions from negative judgment, wait for a time when there won’t be surprise diary dates and you’re free to be your full self.

Which kind of ink is best for facial tattoos?

Although it’s possible to buy ready-made stick on tattoos, these don’t last long and tend to peel off unevenly. If you use a Body Art Quality product, such as 100% natural henna, you’ll get a great finish. Henna tends to be dark reddish-brown at its peak, which may look great on your skin tone.

If you want a striking tattoo, consider using jagua gel for its blue-black finish. Both types will fade out evenly over roughly the same period… this is of course dependent on your skin type, how often you wash and how much sun exposure you get.

If you opt for jagua gel, there is a good chance people will think you’ve opted for permanent ink, so vivid and deep is the color. Fine lines in jagua ink look pretty impressive – for the finest lines, we suggest using one of our henna kits or jagua kits. The choice is yours… and don’t forget to send us shots of you rocking the face art!