Henna Instructions

1) Shake well and pour contents of plastic bottle filled with Henna City Solution into the resealable bag of henna powder. 

2) Reseal plastic bag and mix together by rubbing gently between your palms for approximately 3 minutes; ensure that all lumps are gone. IMPORTANT: Let the paste sit for a minimum of 6 hours at room temperature before using (more in cold temperatures). 

3) Cut the corner tip of the bag and insert into mouth of plastic applicator bottle. Squeeze paste into bottle until full. Occasionally tap bottle on counter to help paste settle at bottom when filling. 

4) Screw blue applicator cap onto bottle and select the tip of your choice. 

5) Wash skin area to be painted with soap and water, and rub with towel to remove any lotions and layers of dead skin. 

6) Gently squeeze plastic bottle to release henna and create design. If using a stencil, first trace the outline with henna paste before filling in. 

7) OPTIONAL: You can use a sealant to keep the paste from cracking and flaking off, and to achieve a darker stain. See instructions above. 

8) Let henna paste dry and leave on skin for 3-6 hours or more for best results (the longer the better). If done at night, wrap area with toilet paper or paper towel and tape before going to bed. 

9) Replace cap and refrigerate remaining henna paste. Hint: Freezing the paste will prolong its shelf life for several months. When done, rinse or soak metal tips in water to avoid clogging. 

10) After a minimum of 3-6 hours have passed, peel off dried henna paste with fingers, and rub off any residue. 

11) For best results avoid water contact with the tattooed area for the following 24 hours. 

12) Henna design will progress from an orange color to the traditional deep reddish brown color over the next two days.