Temporary Tattoos – Henna and Jagua

People in America have been getting western-style temporary tattoos ever since the first lick-and-stick was packaged with bubble gum. Over time, the methods for applying temporary tattoos have evolved with technology, and nowadays the most popular techniques involve ink and glue, or glue and plastic. These temporary tattoos are generally low quality and often result in blurry designs, and sometimes they only last a day or two. Fortunately, there are natural, safe and long-lasting alternatives with centuries of history and a proven pedigree.

Henna Temporary Tattoos – Sourced Straight from Mother Nature

Henna has been in use throughout the Middle East, India and Africa since the days of antiquity. It is commonly used in religious ceremonies, weddings, and even as medicine. For henna tattoos, the leaves of the plant are dried, crushed and mixed with other natural ingredients to create a paste which is then used in the temporary body art form known as Mehndi. This paste produces a vibrant range of colors that include shades of red, brown, and near-black. These deep colors will last for a couple of weeks if cared for properly. A true black is not achievable through pure henna, but if that’s what you’re looking for, jagua is the product for you. Jagua Temporary Tattoo Kits can be used to create the shades of blue and black that are present in permanent tattoos.

NOTE: Henna City products do not contain PPD or any other toxic chemicals, which can be harmful to the skin.

Jagua Temporary Tattoos – the Amazonian Wonder

The use of Jagua fruit stretches back hundreds of years and originates in South America and the Caribbean. The Indians of the Amazon rainforest use the juice of the fruit to adorn their bodies with temporary ceremonial designs, while some even insert it under their skin to create permanent tattoos. Like henna, the fruit of the jagua has also been used for medicinal purposes. Jagua is for those who are looking for the dark blue-black shades commonly associated with permanent tattoos, but don’t actually want ink inserted underneath their skin. Jagua tattoos usually last 10-15 days, and they look so real that most people can’t tell the difference between a jagua and a permanent tattoo.

Temporary Tattoos the All-Natural Way

Henna and Jagua have been in use for centuries. Their results are time-tested and affirmed by indigenous tribes and peoples the world over, from South America to the Middle East. The best part is, with the henna and jagua kits sold here at Henna City, you aren’t pigeonholed into one stencil like you are with other modern temporary tattoo kits. Create whatever beautiful and unique design you wish, and our jagua tattoo kits and henna tattoo kits will bring those designs to life, in vibrant, long-lasting color!