5 Awesome Places to Spend New Year’s Eve in the States

New Year’s Eve means many things to many people but one thing most of us can agree on is this: it’s time to dress up and celebrate in style. New Year’s Eve is usually one big party – the party of the year. That means we want to pull out all the stops. It’s time for the best possible outfits – the more glam or outrageous the better – and the best possible venues. No ordinary nightclub or party is going to cut it.

What will you wear? Well, that’s subjective. But take it from us that when it comes to the finer details, you can’t go wrong with an amazing henna tattoo or jagua gel tattoo. These are the perfect accessories for a huge celebration! It’s not so easy to stand out in the crowd when the crowds are so vast, but henna and jagua tattoos can be so unique that they make all the difference.

The question is, where in the US are you going to go to show off your awesome henna body art? We would be hard pushed to list all the amazing events happening in the States, but here are five cities we think are worthy of a trip:

1.California: San Francisco

You know you can rely on good old San Fran for a glam party. What a perfect city to descend upon in your jaw-dropping henna body art! San Francisco bay wouldn’t dream of letting anyone down on the big night, so expect a variety of events to choose from.

You’ve got the bay front fireworks display, numerous NYE balls, like the Passport to the World New Year’s Eve Ball and the San Francisco Symphony’s Posh Black and White Ball. The balls include DJs and entertainers, lots of live music and… an open bar. What’s not to like?

If boats are your thing, jump on board with the Horn blower for brunch, dinner and New Year’s Eve fireworks

2.California: Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a place close to our hearts here at Henna City! It’s a massive city and there is so much going on here. We highly recommend the huge New Year’s celebration at the Grand Park. Although this is an alcohol-free, family-friendly event (with lots of live music), it’s still great to be part of the vibe here and you don’t need to stay all night.

If you’re going all out glam for the evening, your elaborate beautifications won’t go to waste – you can join in the parties at the nearby bars and clubs afterwards. One note-worthy event is Prohibition at the historic Union Station, who will be hosting Roaring ’20s-themedparty.

Don’t think they had henna in the 20s? Think again! It’s been around for thousands of years, so by all means jazz up your flapper outfits. Join the burlesque dancers, DJs, and jazz musicians for a night of wild (and nostalgic) celebrations.

3.Louisiana: New Orleans

New Orleans is known for its epic nightlife. Throughout the year it has a temperate climate, smiley faces all around, and some fantastic places to go out and let your hair down. There’s no need for an early night here, and especially not on New Year’s Eve!

This New Year you’ll have several options in New Orleans. Jackson Square, set in the historic French quarter, promises an unforgettable party. There will be a variety of bands and performers and when midnight hits, there will be an awesome fireworks display above the Mississippi River, as well as the famous fleur-de-lis-drop.

No need to head home after that; you can hit the many bars and clubs on Bourbon Street. If you want to do something different, take a river cruise with fireworks the Steamboat Nachez.

4.Texas: San Antonio

If you’ve never been to San Antonio, New Year’s Eve is the time. Celebrating here means you’ll get all the benefits of a glorious springtime, combined with all the exhilaration of a phenomenal party!

Downtown San Antonio is the place to bee if you’re looking for big fun. This city hosts the biggest party in Texas, so head downtown for around five o’clock to enjoy a huge variety of live music, some fairground rides and of course… fireworks.

For a more low-key affair, San Antonio has some really great bars and restaurants on the River Walk. You can book in at most of these for a private gathering, and you’re guaranteed excellent food– choose from various packages to suit your requirements. Book well ahead, as this is a popular place!

5.Hawaii: Honolulu

What a place Hawaii is. It’s a dream destination for many people so why not push the boat out and visit it for New Year’s Eve? Whether you’re more interested in Oahu, the tropical part, or Waikiki, the more urban area, you can’t lose. There are many traditional offering here; for example, you might visit a traditional luau, like Waikiki Starlight, in theHilton Hawaiian Village.

Otherwise, consider Ala Moana Boulevard at Aloha Tower Marketplace. This is a prudent New Year’s Eve choice and it promises you a party you’ll remember for years to come. Once again, it’s live music and DJs, amusement rides and fireworks. For the fireworks, you can get on a cruise boat like the Dolphin Star, or the Star of Honolulu.

No doubt your New Year’s Eve 2017 is going to be unreal. Don’t forget your henna and jagua supplies, if you want to be the belle of the ball! Wishing you the best celebrations possible for the festive season. It’s time to go out and wow the world!