5 Worthy New Years Resolutions for 2018

2018 is almost here and once again we find ourselves reflecting on the past year, reassessing our lives. What did we succeed at? What didn’t work out? What could we have done better? What would have made our lives more fulfilling? Even if we had a really great year, there’s usually room for improvement.

We had a pretty special year here at Henna City. Henna tattoos are more popular than ever and lots of people are experimenting with henna kits, discovering new talents. We are so excited to be able to facilitate this! However, we too have aspirations for the coming year, so we’ve reflected on what constitutes worthy and attainable goals. Here are our best suggestions:

1.Connecting with loved ones more often

Life can get busy. Super-busy. It’s easy to be so focused on other ambitions that we sometimes forget to nurture our closest relationships. Sure, they may weather any storm or withstand periods of neglect, but what if we were to make the health of those relationships a priority?

It’s easy to take them for granted and see them as a cushion to fall back on in hard times. Yet if we weren’t so dedicated to other pursuits, instead focusing on connection with others, the quality of our lives might improve so much that we find the extra drive needed to manifest ambitions with ease.

2.Taking a consistent approach to fitness

You are probably aware that over the festive period, the urge to prioritize fitness wanes. With all the parties to attend, delicious foods on offer, and a communal tendency toward indulgence, it’s hard to be disciplined. If you’ve let things slide this year, make the commitment to take fitness seriously in the New Year.

Do this for the sake of your health and energy levels, more than anything. Make this the year when you aim to lengthen your lifespan, improve your general mood, maintain your weight, lower your blood pressure and stave off illness. Be dedicated to it and you’ll fly through the year feeling like you can achieve anything. Regular exercise has a funny way of doing that!

3.Moderating – or dropping – the habits

Going through life with no vices is virtually unheard of. Most people wouldn’t even consider trying it! If asked, perhaps they would admit to having a few habits that obviously aren’t good for them. We’re not telling you to become a saint; we’re just suggesting that moderation is often surprisingly beneficial for your overall physical and mental states.

For example, if you normally drink a bottle of wine every night, aim to change that to once per week. Likewise, ten coffees a day will leave your adrenals shot to pieces and give you an acidity problem. Aiming to totally kick all habits seems unrealistic, but you can certainly aim to do what is in your best interests and work toward that.

4.Making a real attempt at organization

Hands up. Whose life descends into chaos at regular intervals because of minimal or non-existent organization? It’s not a comfortable place to be: running late for appointments, forgetting deadlines, not paying bills on time, letting people down and finding yourself unable to complete tasks… it happens – but it doesn’t have to?

Make 2018 the year when you buy – or make – a planner to plot the details of your life into. The plans can be as big or small as you like, but the more details the better; even getting that ripped pair of jeans stitched up in time for your weekend away should go in. That way you won’t be rummaging around in your closet while your cab is waiting, trying to find a suitable replacement outfit.

Likewise, plot your goals into it and you’ve got a better chance of sticking to them. Do you ever find that when you think of something, you’re sure you’ll remember it? How many times do you actually forget it within 10 minutes? Right. Organization means streamlining, and streamlining means freeing up time for enjoyable activities. Such as…

5.Exploring your creative side

We’ve got some news for you. You don’t have to be naturally creative in order to be creative.Humans are creative by nature! OK, so you may not stand a chance of replicating one of Picasso’s finest, but you can find something that appeals to you. Talent isn’t a prerequisite if your goal is novelty, fun and experience.

Take a pottery class, try your hand at poetry, or make something new out of recycled materials; upcycling is a lot of fun and saves you cash. It would be remiss of us not to remind you that trying your hand at temporary body art is great fun. You don’t need to have done it before; nor do you need to be an artist.

Our henna tattoo kits come with a set of stencils so that you can transfer a design of your choice onto your skin. Coloring in the print on your skin with henna or jagua gel is not so challenging – you might even find you have a latent talent and end up freestyling! Either way, the result will be a cool new temporary tattoo.

We hope that 2018 proves to be everything you hope it will be. Life is for living, and goals keep us on track to being the best possible versions of ourselves. Good luck!