8 Reasons People Get Tattoos

Maybe you’re one of the many people who rushed out to get a tattoo as soon as you were old enough. Perhaps you’re the type who has spent years contemplating the idea, but never felt totally comfortable with any one design. This is usually indicative of general attitude to life…. the polarities of this might be spontaneous or reckless versus cautious or sensible.

If you’re in the former bracket, you’re most likely to continue in the same vein, adding to your body art regularly over the years. You may even become so used to getting it that you barely bat an eyelid. If you’re one of life’s more hesitant characters, you may just keep an eye out for that perfect tattoo design – only to never actually find it!

Both types have something in common though; they have some degree of fascination for tattoos. There are also people out there who are happy enough with one or two pieces of body art. Everyone has their reasons… and here are some of the most common ones:

1.Everyone else is doing it

Looking at the unprecedented growth the body art industry has seen over the last decade, it’s clear that this is set to continue. It’s probably due to the diversity in the art… there’s always room for originality; and the beauty of the work. It’s not a typical ‘fad’! Not having a tattoo might even seem strange soon.

2.Tattoos are an art form

Provided they’re done well, tattoos are an art form. They convey many things, from life stories to admiration of icons and subscription to principles. They create intrigue and mystery. Some artists are so widely revered that people will seek them out for body art just for the pleasure of wearing something done by them.

3.To indulge sentimentality or commemorate

The chances are, you know someone who has a commemorative tattoo, right? It’s one of the most common reasons for getting inked… the memory of a loved one will literally never fade. The image or name on the skin is also a huge compliment to the deceased; it’s a mark of respect.

4.Tattoos are painful!

This might sound like a negative… but that’s not the case for everyone! A lot of people say that there is a strange pleasure in the pain of a tattoo. Endorphins released to help the body deal with the pain may have something to do with it; for others it could be more to do with the challenge of overcoming something typically considered unpleasant. Where your tattoos are located makes all the difference, mind! A bicep is one thing, and a foot is entirely another.

5.To embrace our individuality

Tattoos make statements. They encourage us to embrace all that is individual about ourselves… and they create individuality where we might have felt there was none. Have you ever been compelled to create your own clothing style, ignoring what fashion tells you to wear? This is similar. Having unique body art means you’ll stand out from the crowd.

6.People are impulsive

Are you impulsive? Well, impulsivity is fun. It doesn’t always yield the greatest results, but it sure makes you feel alive! Sometimes people go and get a tattoo because they’re bored. Hard to believe? It shouldn’t be. For many people, getting a tattoo is a walk in the park. It doesn’t necessarily mean all that much to them.

7.Tattoos are addictive

If you’ve got several tattoos, perhaps you can identify with this one. There’s plenty of skin on the human body but not everyone wants to cover every inch of it. That can happen more quickly than you anticipate, though… tattoos can be surprisingly addictive! Whether it’s the pleasure/pain factor, the individuality or the high experienced through being adorned with beautiful art, you might find that once you pop, you just can’t stop!

8.Tattoos can cover things up

Sometimes a tattoo is simply a better choice than what’s there already. That might mean covering up a terrible tattoo from twenty years ago, or an unsightly scar that you’re not keen on showing off at the beach. On the other hand, a tattoo might actually be created to represent obstacles that the wearer has faced. It all depends on mindset.

Not ready to get permanently inked?

That’s really not a problem. There are ways to try out the look of a permanent tattoo, or just regularly change up different designs you love – without the fear of regret! That’s what henna and jagua gel are all about. Not everybody wants to commit to permanent body art, but you can look just as awesome as those who’ve nailed it on the tattoo front. Get practicing with a Henna City tattoo kit and see for yourself!