How and Where to Wear Your Henna

You’ve probably noticed that henna tattoos remain a fashion statement. They may never go out of fashion, but the way you wear your henna is everything. The traditional Mehndi henna tattoos are stunning, but in 2017 people are exploring many different styles using henna. Mandalas are increasingly popular, as are symbols, floral designs and vines, and sometimes even animals. There isn’t much you can’t create with the right tools.

Where you position your henna tattoo might depend on whether there’s an occasion to show it off. Maybe you have a particular outfit to wear… and you know it will be set off perfectly by an eye-catching henna design. We’ve got a few ideas for you to maximize your henna:

Henna on hands and arms

The hands and arms are one of the most traditional places for henna tattoos, as worn by countless beautiful Indian brides. If you haven’t tried henna before, the hands are usually a first choice. They’re visible whatever you wear, you can move around soon after the design is applied, and you can apply it yourself.

Henna hands and arms look gorgeous with sleeveless tops, three-quarter length sleeves, dresses, blouses and vest tops. You can’t go wrong.

Henna on the feet

Henna can look absolutely stunning on the feet – particularly if you already have pretty feet and a good pedicure! Obviously the last thing you’ll want to do is cover it with shoes, so choose this position if you’ve got an opportunity for barefoot dancing… if not, make sure you’re in possession of some delicate thongs that won’t obscure the design too much.

Henna feet work particularly well with Boho-style skirts, cropped trousers, flowing dresses, or cut-off denim shorts.

Henna on the shoulders

The shoulders are the area to apply henna if you’re aiming for sultry and elegant. This area, when beautifully decorated, guarantees a constant stream of attention – so be prepared! It offers plenty of space for larger designs like mandalas, winding vines, and dream-catchers… whatever takes your fancy!

Choose shoulder henna if you like to wear ‘boob tubes’ and strapless dresses. Tops and dresses with very fine straps work well too.

Henna on the legs

Henna legs are sexy legs! Just as tights with intricate patterns are usually regarded as sexy, so is a beautiful henna design. Dependent on where you place it, it should have a very different reception. This stocking mandala design is one of a kind, and should surely be worn with a short skirt, a skirt that will give glimpses of it, or hot pants.

If you’re going for lower down the legs, this is perhaps more ‘feminine’ than ‘seductive’. It still looks gorgeous too, and can be complemented by longer skirts and cropped pants.

Henna on the back

Back tattoos are generally statement pieces, and it’s no different with henna. Because the back is the largest area of skin, there’s so much scope for what you can place there. If you’ve got the time and patience, you can cover the whole thing for an unforgettable piece of art.

This stunning dream-catcher design makes a huge statement. The beach is a great place for it, but then again, so is a wedding! A backless dress of any kind would be the perfect match for a statement back design.

henna on the stomach / baby bumps

The stomach is a sensual area to decorate with henna. If you’re lucky enough to be carrying a baby, then congratulations. Perhaps you’ve heard of baby bump henna by now? It’s the latest thing for pregnant women to try out as a memoir, a therapeutic relaxation session, and for the sake of beautiful body art.

Pregnant or otherwise, with a stomach tattoo like the moon design above, you’ll look awesome on the beach… or at the pool, or just with a cropped top or bra-top – wherever the situation calls for it.

Henna on the face

If you’re a more adventurous fashion follower, perhaps facial henna will appeal to you the most. There’s no missing that one, so it will probably be the topic of most of your conversations for a couple of weeks!

It goes without saying that you can wear a facial henna tattoo with literally anything you like. However, it works perfectly as an unusual accessory for a big night out or event, such as a festival, wedding or party. You will surely be the belle of the ball with a henna tattoo on your face.

The last port of call is to acquire your henna! We make it easy for you with our henna tattoo kits. You’re guaranteed the highest quality, the best color, and the simplest application. All that’s left is to go out and show off your unique henna style… have fun!