How to Make a Henna Tattoo Stencil Transfer

So you want to try your hand at Mehndi or henna tattoos as they are commonly known. You followed the instructions on our previous article on how to choose the right henna powder and you made your henna paste, or better yet you bought one of Henna City’s easy-to-use temporary tattoo kits and you can’t wait to get started on your soon-to-be master piece.

If you’re using one of the stencil transfers included in the kit, great! But what if you want a design that’s not included in the kit? or what if you want something specific like the logo of your company or favorite sports team?

Don't worry because you are about to learn how to make a temporary tattoo stencil without the need for tracing paper and what's even better, you'll be using items that you may already have at home.

Items Needed for Your Henna Tattoo Stencil Transfer

      1. A blank sheet of paper
      2. A ballpoint pen (Make sure it's ballpoint; other pens won't work)
      3. A clear deodorant stick
      4. Printed design to be made into a stencil
      5. Paper clamps and scissors

      Henna Tattoo Stencil Transfer Process

      The process for making temporary tattoo transfer is quite simple, basically if you can trace you can create stencil transfers, and henna or jagua tattoos for that matter.

      Place the white piece of paper over the printed design, hold in place with paper clamp and trace over the design.

      Cut out your design with scissors.

      Apply a thin layer of clear deodorant on the area where you want the tattoo.

      Place the design face down and hold it firmly for about 5 seconds.

      Carefully remove the paper stencil.

      Trace over the outline with your henna paste or jagua gel .

      It’s really that simple!


      Here’s a quick note on the items required.



      The paper should be regular copy paper not temporary tattoo paper or transfer paper. Again, make sure the pen is a ballpoint pen. As for the deodorant, make sure it’s the clear kind; the white antiperspirant kind or sprays won’t work.


      Also, when tracing over the design with the henna paste be careful not to touch it with your hand as it may rub off.

      I hope you enjoyed this information. Contact us with your questions or suggestions and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.