Jagua Tattoo

What Is A Jagua Tattoo?

A jagua tattoo is a temporary tattoo design created with jagua gel. The jagua gel is applied to the skin using a plastic bottle outfitted with a fine metal tip. The application process is simple – light even pressure is applied to the applicator bottle and the design is created as the gel comes out through the metal tip.

Once the design is complete the gel is left to dry and kept on the skin for at least 2-3 hours. After that it is washed off under warm running water (no soap). At first only a very faint shade of gray may be seen or nothing at all, this is normal. The color will start to develop over the next few hours after the application reaching its darkest stain in about 48-72 hours.

Jagua gel is made with the extract of the edible jagua fruit and other natural ingredients. For centuries the indigenous people of the Amazon have used jagua fruit to decorate their bodies for ceremonial purposes and personal ornamentation.

NOTE: Jagua is not henna nor does it contain henna, and it’s definitely NOT “black henna.”

Where To Get A Jagua Tattoo

Jagua tattoo booths are popular in touristic areas such as beaches and amusement parks. Some hair salons have started providing henna and jagua tattoo services. If none of these options are available you can create your own jagua tattoos at a fraction of the price using a Henna City jagua tattoo kit.

Henna City jagua tattoo kits come complete with ready-to-use jagua gel, stencil transfers, applicator bottles and 4 interchangeable metal tips for large and small designs.