Occasions to get a Henna Tattoo

The art of mehndi has been around for centuries. Ever since the first person adorned their body with the deep, vibrant red-brown shades of henna, people have been gathering to share new designs and paint each other. A common question I hear is, “When is the right time to get a henna tattoo?” Well, the answer is, anytime! It’s always a good time to express yourself through body art, but here are a few suggestions to get everyone started.

Traditional Henna Tattoo Occasions

One of the most common and oldest times to practice mehndi is at the end of Ramadan, which is a month of fasting observed by those of the Islamic faith. The day that marks the end of Ramadan, called Eid al-Fitr, is one of the most common times that women get henna tattoos. The beautiful designs of the henna help to celebrate a successful month of fasting and abstinence, including abstinence from attention to one’s own physical beauty. The intricate designs and vibrant displays of color that henna tattoos provide are a physical manifestation of the joy that Eid al-Fitr brings.

Another traditional occasion to be adorned with henna is for weddings in India. According to the Hindu tradition, the henna painting is an event that both bride and groom attend, along with family and friends. The event, which takes place before the actual wedding ceremony, often takes on a party-like atmosphere, with everyone mingling and having a good time observing the mehndi artist painting the bride with designs that have been passed down for centuries.

Contemporary Henna Tattoo Occasions

Although the two opportunities I’ve listed have to do with religion and formal ceremony, they are by no means the only time henna can be applied! The most important takeaway is that the application of henna tattoos are a celebration, and a social event. Applying henna tattoos are a great, family-friendly way to get loved ones together to spend a pleasant evening socializing and making each other more beautiful. The designs you create and apply to your friends or family are a great way to express your feelings towards that person, and on the other hand, being adorned with henna is a great way to show that you trust the person you are being decorated by.

So next time you and your friends are sitting around, wondering what to do, think of henna, and spend a fun night together practicing the ancient art of mehndi!