Jagua henna kit with stencils - 0.5 oz
Temporary tattoos - semi permanent tattoo collage featuring fresh jagua and black jagua ink tattoos.
Henna tattoo stencil application process - Design of henna created with stencils.
Fresh Jagua Pine Temporary Tattoo on Arm
Pinup girl temporary jagua tattoo on couple holding hands.
Fresh Jagua owl temporary tattoo on arm
Jagua henna tattoo on girls leg
fresh jagua traditional hand mehndi design on girl holding iphone.

Black Jagua Temporary Tattoo Kit With Stencils - 1/2 oz

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Want to experience all the fun and excitement of having a real tattoo but without any of the pain or commitment?

Then you are going to love black jagua tattoos. These temporary tattoos are the closest thing to a permanent tattoo because they look real yet only last for about two weeks on the skin.

Unlike removable tattoos, these semi permanent tattoos will stay on you for 1-2 weeks and will only come off with time, so you can go in the ocean, the pool or the shower and they won't come off. In essence, black jagua tattoos are realistic temporary tattoos that will fool anyone.

And don't worry if you are not the artistic type. Our black jagua temporary tattoo kits come with four sheets of stencils that make the application process as simple as tracing with a pen.

  • Creates realistic temporary tattoos that last for up to two weeks
  • Four sheets of stencils included
  • Ready to use. No mixing required
  • Includes 1 oz black jagua gel
  • Enough jagua ink for 15 small designs
  • Applicator bottle with 4 interchangeable metal tips


Jagua juice (Genipa Americana), isopropyl alcohol, water, xanthan gum, citric acid, silica, sorbitol, potassium sorbate, lactic acid, disodium EDTA.