Mehru Herbal Lip Stain - Cherry Red

Mehru Herbal Lip Stain - Cherry Red

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Mehru Herbal Lip Dye is a rainbow assortment of herbal lip dyes that provide long lasting stains on your lips. They are also fantastic as semi-permanent eye brow stains, eye shadow, body paints and its uses are limited only by your imagination!

  • Natural long lasting lip stain

  • Can be used as eye shadow or eye brow stain

  • Stain lasts 6-12 hours

  • Kiss proof - will not rub off on cups or clothing

  • Perfect all-day lip stain

  • Mix with other colors to create your own shade

Ingredients: Burberry root powder, Beeswax, Cosmetic color, Grain alcohol, Glycerin, Flower scent, Mineral water."